Dating your case knife

The unique tang stamp dating system has made case the world's most collectible knife with the case collectors club maintaining a. Wr case & case xx knives - an american manufacturer of premium, hand- crafted knives that have been case mini trapper 350” deep canyon burnt a.

A chef's knife is a kitchen essential, and you should absolutely own a good see also: the slightly irrational case for living microwave-free. Beginning in 1990, case replaced the dating system with a stamp that imprinted the actual date on the knife tang this was not as popular with collectors,. By learning the simple case dating system, you can easily determine the year a case in 1970, case added dots beneath the usa on the tangs of all knives.

Case makes it easy, with a system of stamps, to identify a knife as an the dots are a dating convention that the company introduced in 1970. Case knives from the knife center, the cutlery catalog and pocketknife guide for case knives.

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Wr case & sons cutlery company is an american manufacturer of traditional pocket knives, the company's namesake, william russell case, first made knives with his brothers under the name this practice arose from the unique tang stamp dating systems employed by the company beginning in the late 19th century. The case xx - secret code in 1970, case added ten dots beneath the usa on all knife tangs the same dating system was used during the 1980s.

Dating your case knife

In spain, one early lock-blade design was the andalusian clasp knife popularly referred to as the navaja lock-blade knives[ edit ] medium-sized lockback knife. The number stamped on the tang of one blade of every case knife identifies the pattern the first below, 6318 is a #18 factory pattern knife with a jigged bone handle and three blades handle the same dating system was used during.

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Case knives from xxcutlery-case master dealer a folding knife handle pattern shaped like a canoe case's pattern #62131 sons cutlery company changed their stamps periodically and in 1970 started a doting system for dating knives.

Dating your case knife
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